JavaScript framework smartens up Firefox

Mozilla’s Fathom framework helps browsers understand web pages the way people do. With its Fathom JavaScript framework, Mozilla wants to extract meaning out of web pages and produce a more intelligent browser.Positioned as a “mini language” for writing semantic extractors,Fathom already is in productionwith Firefox’sActivity Streamweb traffic tracker, picking out page descriptions, images, and other… Continue reading JavaScript framework smartens up Firefox

Remarkable revelations of the‘dark web’ 

​Most of the world wide web is invisible. Beyond the “surface web”—the parts accessible to searchengines—there is a “deep web” containing (by one estimate) 500 times the content, secured in databases and hidden behind login screens. And within this deep web isa tiny corner known as the “dark web,” which requires special, anonymizing software such… Continue reading Remarkable revelations of the‘dark web’ 

Google launches a virtual reality artwork gallery on the web

Google’s virtual reality sketching/painting/modelingTilt Brushprogram has amassed a following amongst novice VR users as well as artists looking to explore virtual reality as a new medium. Starting today, you’ll be able to peer into the 3D virtual reality canvases of other Tilt Brushusers on the web while also gaining the ability to share your own… Continue reading Google launches a virtual reality artwork gallery on the web